Collections Help: Collection

A collection is where you organize your posts by topic. You could collect resources for creating an introduction to Nanotechnology, for example. You can even put a collection inside another collection!

Default Collection

Everyone gets a default collection auto-created for you. This is so you already have something you can start to add posts to right away. Default collections are private from the start, but feel free to change the privacy setting as you like. You can also change the to change the title and description.

Creating a Collection

You can create a collection by clicking the "New Collection" button found when viewing your list of collections or "on-the-fly" when collecting a post.

"New Collection" button

After clicking the button, you will be presented with some fields to customize and describe your collection. The only required field is a title but you may, optionally, enter a longer description.


A collection can be created at the time of collecting something on the site. When browsing collectibles content, such as resources, wiki pages, etc., you may find a "Collect" button on the page. After clicking said button, you will be presented with some an option to add the item to an existing collection or to create a new collection with the title you enter.

Create a private Collection

You can also make private or secret collections. When creating or editing a collection, there will be a "Privacy" field with a pull-down list of options. Select "Private" and save the changes. When a collection is private, a little padlock will appear next to its title.

Note: When a collection is private, it will not appear in searches or in the site-wide collections list.

Deleting a Collection

To delete a collection, login to your account and find the appropriate collection in your "Collections" list. When hovering or focusing on the collection, a "Delete" button will appear. When clicked, you will be asked to confirm the deletion. If you say no, nothing further will happen. If yes, the colleciton will be removed.

Note: Removing a collection will not remove all the posts found within the collection.